Continuous Delivery Podcast

I sat down with Zarar Siddiqi and Jeff 'Cheezy' Morgan to talk about how Pivotal did XP at scale.

Continuous Delivery Podcast

I had not met Zarar Siddiqi before he reached out to me about recording an episode of his Continous Delivery Podcast. However he said two things that made my answer an immediate and swift yes:

  1. He wanted to dive deeper into the key ideas behind my talk “Focus. Deliver. Learn. Repeat.” That meant talking about how Pivotal scaled XP up for delivering enterprise software with hundreds of developers. We did a lot of things right at Pivotal and I love telling those stories.
  2. Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan is a cohost of the podcast and would join us for the recording. Cheezy is one of my favorite people.

I had such a great time talking to Zarar and Cheezy. Here’s the result. I hope you like it.