Facilitation is a Leadership Skill

Facilitation is a Leadership Skill

A skilled facilitator can bring out the very best in a group. Whether guiding an open ended brainstorming session, leading a group through the process of defining a problem and designing a solution, or helping a group prioritize and plan an initiative, facilitators harness the collective ideas, skills, and experiences of participants. The outcome the group produces will be better than any given individual could generate on their own. It turns out the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts.

When you facilitate a session, you’re taking on a leadership role. If you already are a leader? Facilitation skills are a super power. Whether you are a staff / principal level contributor, team lead, architect, manager, director, or executive, your ability to facilitate a group is a force multiplier for creativity and collaboration. Becoming a better facilitator will make you a better leader.

In this course, you’ll learn core facilitation skills:

  • How to run a variety of activities for generating, synthesizing, organizing, and prioritizing ideas
  • How to manage the flow of conversation to keep things on track
  • When and how to adjust your agenda
  • How to structure an agenda to achieve an outcome
  • Exercises you can keep in your back pocket in case you need a quick course correction
  • How to create a safe environment where the group can do their best work together

For those who already hold a leadership role, you’ll also learn how to keep the focus on the participants and the group work rather than on you. Turns out this is a little trickier than it might seem at first glance. When you have formal authority in an organization, people naturally respond to that authority even when you don’t think you’re wielding it.

Delivery Options

A self-paced version of this course available at the Curious Duck Studio.

This course is also available as a live instructor-led virtual in-house workshop tailored specifically for your context.

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