I offer the following topics as self-paced courses with live virtual practice sessions at the Curious Duck Studio. I also offer these topics as private, in-house workshops. Contact me to learn more about bringing these courses to your company.

Facilitation is a Leadership Skill. Learn core facilitation skills like how to run activities for generating, synthesizing, organizing, and prioritizing ideas; how to manage the flow of conversation to keep things on track; how to structure an agenda for a longer or more complex working session; when and how to adjust your agenda; and exercises you can keep in your back pocket so you feel confident handling whatever happens in the room. Designed for leaders, this course also touches on how power dynamics can impair your ability to facilitate and what you can do about it.

The Thinking Leader’s Toolkit. Learn frameworks and techniques to understand what’s really happening in your organization, find the right leverage points to affect change, and drastically improve outcomes.

Shape Culture Intentionally. Culture permeates everything. It defines an organization’s behavioral norms, the standards we hold ourselves to, and the way we treat each other. If you want to change the way an organization operates, it’s not enough to announce a new policy or process. You have to shift the culture. But how? This course teaches you how to use hallmarks of culture such as rituals, shared language, and origin stories to shape your organization’s culture, intentionally.

If you are looking for a course that you don’t see here, I’m happy to discuss your needs to see if I have something that might be a fit. If I don’t, I might know someone who does.

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