Focus. Deliver. Learn. Repeat.

How high functioning teams focus by limiting WIP, deliver frequently in small increments, and learn continuously.

Focus. Deliver. Learn. Repeat.

In May 2023 I found myself on an airplane heading to Chicago for Agile Testing Days USA 2023. It was only my third in-person conference since the start of Covid in 2020, and only my second that involved getting on an airplane. Prior to 2020 I racked up hundreds of thousands of airline miles. But now I was worried: did I remember how to do this?

As always, the team at trendig were warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home. So of course when they asked if I would repeat my talk for a virtual conference, I was happy to do so.

The talk reflects what I’ve observed highly effective teams do, regardless of their development methodology. Although I draw on my experience at Pivotal where we practiced XP, it’s not actually a talk about capital-A Agile. Instead it’s a talk about how any team regardless of their official methodology can harness the power of focus, deliver consistently, and learn continuously.

But of course I had to put in a magical agile slide, because unicorns.